Friday, March 6, 2009

Catch Up Day!

So much has been going on and I have totally slacked in the posting department but I will soon be all caught up. First off I attended the Maywood Co-op Tricky Tray on Saturday Feb 28th. I was so excited that this time I finally won some stuff. I won a year subscription to the Our Town Newspaper which I work for and don't even have a subscription, a basket of books and are you ready for this.... 4 bus tickets to Atlantic City. Super excited about those and I think I will give 2 to my mom since she is the won that goes all the time. I think I will take a ride down there soon though with her. Not really much of a gambler but they have a huge outlet strip mall that I would love to hit.

As for the living room lamp still have not found or I should say looked for one. I really did like the lamp that I had there but oh well I guess Isabella did not!

Nicholas is now signed up for T-Ball and Hockey Clinic. T-Ball starts March 29th and Hockey Clinic starts March 19th. He is really excited about the 2 and I cant wait for him to play both. I really do hope that the first time he hits the ice he does not get too discouraged.

A old friend of mine who was my neighbor growing up in Brooklyn is coming to us this Sunday. Her name is Cher and she has 3 girls. My sister Claudine and her family as well as my mom, Nicole and Antonia will also be there. I think I am going to make some sort of pasta with meatballs and sausages - quick and simple. Anyone that comes from NY will have to bring the bread and that is what I told her.

I was really pissed the other day when Target had their secret and quiet opening on Tuesday. They were not suppose to have their "official" Grand Opening until March 7th. They still will have the Grand Opening this Saturday and of course I will still go. Nike factory is also scheduled to open as well.