Thursday, April 23, 2009

WOW - I think I am Slacking

Yeah I know it has been over a month since I have last posted. I know I know I have not found the time to do so or it is because I was just pure lazy. Let's see where we are.....
I had a birthday on April 2nd and have turned 37. If you ask my son Nicholas he will tell you that I am indeed 37 but I look 23. I hope so. I try to keep myself looking young and now starting to put myself first and take care of me because God knows over the course of the last 5 years I have let myself go and stress and drama have done a number on me. OK moving on.
Easter was great! The Easter bunny left baskets for the kids as well as hid the colored eggs inside and the plastic eggs in the backyard. We went to church and they did an Easter egg hunt there as well.

Easter diner was great. I had my whole family over including my uncle and his kids and for the first time since I have been married my in laws had the holiday with us, I was quite surprised but glad they did. I made the traditional Easter ham, vegetables, shrimp scampi, saute'd mushrooms and even Easter bread. It was delish!

Nicholas has started playing Hockey and T-Ball and keeping us busy with practices and games. Most of the practices for T-ball have been rained out but no biggie as the kids are 5. Hockey is going well he seems to enjoy it. Even Isabella seems to like the ice skating aspect of it cause when she hears the music from the other rinks she sways and dances as if she is skating.

Husband is going to Atlantic City this weekend and I am looking forward to a quiet and relaxing evening at home. Probably would put the kids to bed early on Saturday and crack open a bottle of wine and just chill. Maybe watch some TV or read a book and just do nothing. I am hoping I don't get the urge to do laundry to something crazy like that. Will see

Friday, March 6, 2009

Catch Up Day!

So much has been going on and I have totally slacked in the posting department but I will soon be all caught up. First off I attended the Maywood Co-op Tricky Tray on Saturday Feb 28th. I was so excited that this time I finally won some stuff. I won a year subscription to the Our Town Newspaper which I work for and don't even have a subscription, a basket of books and are you ready for this.... 4 bus tickets to Atlantic City. Super excited about those and I think I will give 2 to my mom since she is the won that goes all the time. I think I will take a ride down there soon though with her. Not really much of a gambler but they have a huge outlet strip mall that I would love to hit.

As for the living room lamp still have not found or I should say looked for one. I really did like the lamp that I had there but oh well I guess Isabella did not!

Nicholas is now signed up for T-Ball and Hockey Clinic. T-Ball starts March 29th and Hockey Clinic starts March 19th. He is really excited about the 2 and I cant wait for him to play both. I really do hope that the first time he hits the ice he does not get too discouraged.

A old friend of mine who was my neighbor growing up in Brooklyn is coming to us this Sunday. Her name is Cher and she has 3 girls. My sister Claudine and her family as well as my mom, Nicole and Antonia will also be there. I think I am going to make some sort of pasta with meatballs and sausages - quick and simple. Anyone that comes from NY will have to bring the bread and that is what I told her.

I was really pissed the other day when Target had their secret and quiet opening on Tuesday. They were not suppose to have their "official" Grand Opening until March 7th. They still will have the Grand Opening this Saturday and of course I will still go. Nike factory is also scheduled to open as well.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Lamp Came Crashing Down

My kids, oh my kids. They are a such an energectic group of little people running all over my house. I decided that was enough of the running, climbing chasing and what ever else they do behind my back and had them sit down and actually play with a toy and they did. My kids are really not the type to sit down and play with something for a period of time. Well actually Sophia does sit down and will get involved in a puzzle or something but Nicholas and Isabella are all over the place and usually someone will crash into the other and that is it, its all over.

Tuesday night I was lying on my bed watching TV talking to Nichole when I heard this loud crashing sound. I could not even imagine what is was. I was just waiting for the screams to come that someone got hurt. I run into the living room and hang up the phone and see it dark in the living room and the lamp on the fall shattered into pieces. It was not an expensive lamp but a nice lamp that went well with the decor of the rest of the room. According to the eyewitness on the screen (being my husband) Isabella went to get something off the end table and pushed to lamp crashing down. Not really sure how she managed to do that but she did. Nicholas continued playing games on the computer and Sophia did not bat an eyelash as she was watching some Noggin show. Well atleast now I can buy a new lamp for the living room and possible getting all new decor to match the lamp. We will see.

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Night Out with the Girls

It was so good to get out with some old friends and see everyone again. On Saturday my sister Nicole and I jumped in her car and heading to Slate in NYC. We met up with Stephanie, Felicia, Jennifer and Cindy as well as some other friends from New Utrecht High School class of 1990. The bar/pool hall was very nice and so were the drinks. Had some wine as well as 3 shots I think with friends. Not sure what the shots were but they were good. Something about a Lemon Drop and a Washington. The 3rd shot I think was some sort of concoction (spell is bad I know) that Stephanie made up. Don't really know what was in but who cares it went down and did not even have to chase it.
We left the Slate about 1:30 am ish and headed back to New Jersey. On the way home Nicole kept saying how hungry she was. We were hoping that IHOP was opened but it was not. So we did go to the Saddle Brook diner and it was a happening place at the time. We ordered the usual after a night out and drinking. Yep you got it, scrambled eggs, home fries, toast, bacon and sausage. Speaking of sausage I went to slice of piece off of one on the other dish and the freaking fat sausage flew across the room. I was so embarrassed and we laughed so hard including the lady at the next booth across from us. She witnessed the whole thing. All I said was it was a slippery little sucker!

We then left there and went back to my mom's house for some much needed rest. Woke up the next morning at 7:30. It was so nice not to have to get up with the kids the next morning. Felt like I was on vacation. I actually laid on the couch and watched TV in peace. I kept yelling out to my mom that I was never going home. But I did go home about 10:30 am and I picked that time because I knew the girls would be going down for their nap about then.

Can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Been Awhile

So its has been a while since I last posted and really not much as happened. But it has almost been a week so I am sure I have some things to post. Let's see: Oh OK

The girls are sick. How could I possible forget the ear piecing cries from Sophia. She does feel better in the sense that she no longer has a fever but I do think that she has a sore throat and her nose is a bit running and stuffy with green junk. I have been giving her neubulizer treatments and it has helped her clear everything up. I don't think she needs to go back to the Dr. unless I hear it in her chest. Then I will be worried. She did give us a run for our money with the constant crying and whining and it is hard to have so much patience in the middle of the night or early morning like 3am wake up call. I kept reminding myself that she is a baby and she needs her mommy or daddy to comfort her. We should be so lucky that she needs us this much in 5, 10, 15 years later.

Isabella is such a pleasant girl but she will let you know when something is wrong. On Sunday she was complaining of her ear. Not in words but by sticking her finger in her right ear and saying "ouch! She only did that on Sunday and has not done it again so maybe perhaps she had water in ear from the bath i gave her early on not sure.

Nicholas is ok recovered well from his screaming tantrum at the Dr's office last week. Still can't believe that he acted out that way but he is 5 and if he wants to be afraid of a needle then let him be. I know adults who are terrified of a needle.

Valentine's Day

Nothing exciting for Valentine's day. The best gift I received was a HUGE opened arms picture that my son made for me in school and it said "I Love You This Much". It is still hanging up in my kitchen and probably would be until I find some artwork or pictures to hang on that bare wall. I have not found or I should say really looked for anything that I would like to put there. I do have to take myself to Home Goods to check it out though. OK back to Valentine's Day. It was a quiet well it was a day at home and later on my mom and sister came over and we decided we would take the kids out for dinner. We went to Houlihans. It went well considering we had the twins with us and Sophia was still a bit whiny. You could not tell because we were surrounded by tables that had at least 3-4 kids and some even as young as the girls.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My 3:00 am Wake Up Call

So Sophia is no longer feverish but she does continue to whine and is becoming very clingy. My sister had a stomach virus last week so I believe that she passed it on to Sophia. My sister said that she had a hard time pooping. Well Sophia has not crapped yesterday nor today so far so I am thinking that is what is making her uncomfortable. She woke us well let me say me at 3:00am this morning and I have basically been up ever since. It is so hard to be patience with a 2 yr old that is whining and clingy and it is 3:00 am but we do what we do because we are moms and our kids don't feel well. She was so restless and just couldn't get a comfortable position until she found one half on me and half off the couch. Hey I did not mind because it was now almost 5:00 am and she was sleeping. All I kept thinking was only 1.5 hours until I have to get up for work. I felt as if I just closed my eyes at it was 6:32 am already.

Nicholas is good after his scream attack on Wednesday after his last MMR shot. Isabella is her fun, loving, spunky self. Always looking around with a curious eye waiting to help someone out. She is so kind and loving and affectionate. She must get that from me!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Son, the Screamer

We took the kids in for their well visits yesterday and also to see what was wrong with Sophia and her vomiting and throwing up. Turns out she has a viral infection and hears all sorts of rumbling inside her stomach. Should take a few days to clear out. I am just hoping it does not spread through out the house. So Dr. Bruno says that Nicholas will need the last round of the MMR shot before he would be able to enter Kindergarten in September and if I wanted to do it now or come back over the summer. I said sure we are here lets get it over with now so I don't have to come back and pay another co-pay. As soon as Nicholas found out he was due for a shot he screamed and screamed and screamed. He never acted like this before. He would always take his shots "like a man" as I quote my husband and father in law. Something just got over him. Took a while to calm him down but finally had to hold him still so the nurse can stick it in his arm. My husband had the girls and he was livid and embarrassed but hey my son is 5 let him be afraid of a shot.

Sophia had just a mild fever this morning but was up again at 4:00 am. I am hoping that within a few days this ugly virus goes away and she will start back sleeping again. Poor little girl feel so helpless when you cant help your own child.