Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Son, the Screamer

We took the kids in for their well visits yesterday and also to see what was wrong with Sophia and her vomiting and throwing up. Turns out she has a viral infection and hears all sorts of rumbling inside her stomach. Should take a few days to clear out. I am just hoping it does not spread through out the house. So Dr. Bruno says that Nicholas will need the last round of the MMR shot before he would be able to enter Kindergarten in September and if I wanted to do it now or come back over the summer. I said sure we are here lets get it over with now so I don't have to come back and pay another co-pay. As soon as Nicholas found out he was due for a shot he screamed and screamed and screamed. He never acted like this before. He would always take his shots "like a man" as I quote my husband and father in law. Something just got over him. Took a while to calm him down but finally had to hold him still so the nurse can stick it in his arm. My husband had the girls and he was livid and embarrassed but hey my son is 5 let him be afraid of a shot.

Sophia had just a mild fever this morning but was up again at 4:00 am. I am hoping that within a few days this ugly virus goes away and she will start back sleeping again. Poor little girl feel so helpless when you cant help your own child.

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