Friday, February 27, 2009

The Lamp Came Crashing Down

My kids, oh my kids. They are a such an energectic group of little people running all over my house. I decided that was enough of the running, climbing chasing and what ever else they do behind my back and had them sit down and actually play with a toy and they did. My kids are really not the type to sit down and play with something for a period of time. Well actually Sophia does sit down and will get involved in a puzzle or something but Nicholas and Isabella are all over the place and usually someone will crash into the other and that is it, its all over.

Tuesday night I was lying on my bed watching TV talking to Nichole when I heard this loud crashing sound. I could not even imagine what is was. I was just waiting for the screams to come that someone got hurt. I run into the living room and hang up the phone and see it dark in the living room and the lamp on the fall shattered into pieces. It was not an expensive lamp but a nice lamp that went well with the decor of the rest of the room. According to the eyewitness on the screen (being my husband) Isabella went to get something off the end table and pushed to lamp crashing down. Not really sure how she managed to do that but she did. Nicholas continued playing games on the computer and Sophia did not bat an eyelash as she was watching some Noggin show. Well atleast now I can buy a new lamp for the living room and possible getting all new decor to match the lamp. We will see.

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