Thursday, February 19, 2009

Been Awhile

So its has been a while since I last posted and really not much as happened. But it has almost been a week so I am sure I have some things to post. Let's see: Oh OK

The girls are sick. How could I possible forget the ear piecing cries from Sophia. She does feel better in the sense that she no longer has a fever but I do think that she has a sore throat and her nose is a bit running and stuffy with green junk. I have been giving her neubulizer treatments and it has helped her clear everything up. I don't think she needs to go back to the Dr. unless I hear it in her chest. Then I will be worried. She did give us a run for our money with the constant crying and whining and it is hard to have so much patience in the middle of the night or early morning like 3am wake up call. I kept reminding myself that she is a baby and she needs her mommy or daddy to comfort her. We should be so lucky that she needs us this much in 5, 10, 15 years later.

Isabella is such a pleasant girl but she will let you know when something is wrong. On Sunday she was complaining of her ear. Not in words but by sticking her finger in her right ear and saying "ouch! She only did that on Sunday and has not done it again so maybe perhaps she had water in ear from the bath i gave her early on not sure.

Nicholas is ok recovered well from his screaming tantrum at the Dr's office last week. Still can't believe that he acted out that way but he is 5 and if he wants to be afraid of a needle then let him be. I know adults who are terrified of a needle.

Valentine's Day

Nothing exciting for Valentine's day. The best gift I received was a HUGE opened arms picture that my son made for me in school and it said "I Love You This Much". It is still hanging up in my kitchen and probably would be until I find some artwork or pictures to hang on that bare wall. I have not found or I should say really looked for anything that I would like to put there. I do have to take myself to Home Goods to check it out though. OK back to Valentine's Day. It was a quiet well it was a day at home and later on my mom and sister came over and we decided we would take the kids out for dinner. We went to Houlihans. It went well considering we had the twins with us and Sophia was still a bit whiny. You could not tell because we were surrounded by tables that had at least 3-4 kids and some even as young as the girls.

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