Monday, February 9, 2009

The Party's Over

So the birthday parties are officially over. The night before Nicholas' birthday I decorated the house with ballons. I put ballons in the living room as well as a cluster of ballons over his bed. I prepared the cupcakes for his birthday party in school. On the morning of February 5th Nicholas was so excited that it was now officially his birthday. We gave him his present in the morning. It was a electronic hockey table that we have been watching in Target, just waiting for the price to drop. He was very excited about the table and ran around and hugged us so much. He wanted it so bad.

His birthday party went well in school. I made cupcakes with colored sprinkles and gave each kid a coloring book with pirates or princess' along with crayons. He came home with a birthay crown that hsi teacher Ms. Bernaducci made for him.

Later that evening when everyone came home from work we had cake for Nicholas at our home. My mom, Nicole, Antonia, my inlaws and Bobby came over for cake. We had a Friendly's ice cream cake. We sang Happy 5th Birthday to him. He was so excited to turn a whole hand. He has been asking for the past month and counting down the days when his birthday would come.

On Friday Feb 6th I took the day off of work to prepare the food for Saturday's party. I was expecting atleast 30 people to celebrate the kids birthday's. I made chicken cutlet parmagina, sausage with peppers, pasta vodka, rice and peas and steamed vegetables. My mother in law made chicken crochets, empanadas and tortilla. My mom made sweedish meatballs and eggplant parmagina. Claudine was in charge of the bread from Brooklyn of course. So preparing all the food went off without a hitch. I then made 2 doll cakes for the girls. They came out so cute.

Later that afteroon at 4:00pm the kids started coming over for Nicholas' party with some friends from school. We invited, Andrew, Aaron, Matthew, Danny, Colin, Pasqual, Marecello, Antonio, Eric and Joe. Antonia helped me out along with Nicole but she was too sick. It was a pirate themed party and the kids all enjoyed themseleves. We did color your own pirate bandana, make your own pirate map and each kid smacked the Pirate ship pinata that was filled with lots of chocolate, pirate coins, tattoes and some other novelty toys. The party was over at 6pm and since it was in the basement the mess was not too bad. It took about 1/2 hour to clean it up. I would say it went well and if you have the space for it I would recommened it.

So Saturday morning we started preparing the food and placing them on the sterno's. Guest were scheduled to arrive at 1pm. I made 36 cupcakes out of 1 box of cake mix, I know I was a bit surprised myself that I got that many out of 1 box! Took awhile to make but I place the cupcakes on a cupcake tower and decorated them black and some white. I think Carlos and I were done preparing things around 12:30 giving us enough time to shower and get dressed. I had John Stern and his family, Aunt Evelyn, Cousisn Lynda and Joseph, Claudine, Joey, Alyssa, Daniel, In laws, mom, Nicole, Antonia, Tony Terranova and his family. my Godmother Susan and Viggo and Marta and her kids.

The day went well, lots of good food and drinks. Carlos played bartendar in the kitchen, I was in the dinning room with family and the kids were playing downstairs. It was a great day and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Now to Sunday February 8th - the girls 2nd birthday. We had some leftover food so I invited my family to come and help us finish off the food. It was a very lazy day coming off the last 3 days and parties. My in laws came about 4pm and we had some more cake to sing happy birthday to Sophia & Isabella. They enjoyed the singing but the did not know it was their birthday. They just knew it was time for more cake.

Everyone left and went home and I got the house back in order for the start of a fresh week come Monday morning. The parties are over and everything is back to where it should be. The gifts are unwrapped and still in bags. Lots of clothes were received for the spring/summer months.

I am so glad that all 4 parties went off without a hitch and my husband and I were able to give our kids parties the way we did.

Happy Birthday Nicholas, Sophia & Isabella

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