Friday, February 13, 2009

My 3:00 am Wake Up Call

So Sophia is no longer feverish but she does continue to whine and is becoming very clingy. My sister had a stomach virus last week so I believe that she passed it on to Sophia. My sister said that she had a hard time pooping. Well Sophia has not crapped yesterday nor today so far so I am thinking that is what is making her uncomfortable. She woke us well let me say me at 3:00am this morning and I have basically been up ever since. It is so hard to be patience with a 2 yr old that is whining and clingy and it is 3:00 am but we do what we do because we are moms and our kids don't feel well. She was so restless and just couldn't get a comfortable position until she found one half on me and half off the couch. Hey I did not mind because it was now almost 5:00 am and she was sleeping. All I kept thinking was only 1.5 hours until I have to get up for work. I felt as if I just closed my eyes at it was 6:32 am already.

Nicholas is good after his scream attack on Wednesday after his last MMR shot. Isabella is her fun, loving, spunky self. Always looking around with a curious eye waiting to help someone out. She is so kind and loving and affectionate. She must get that from me!

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Kate's Mommy said...

Hi. I saw that you were following my blog. I'm not sure I know you, but I don't mind new "blog" friends. anyway, just thought I'd send you a quick note!